Berry Creek Farm is a 158-acre organic farm located in Westfield, VT. For the past 31 years, Gerard and Rosemary Croizet have run the farm together. They sell their fruits, vegetables, flowers and more, as well as produce from other local farms, through their farm stand. They also run a CSA program with 140 members.

Berry Creek Farm has been involved with Green Mountain Farm-to-School since the founding of our organization, with Rosemary serving on the original board of directors. The farm has been a partner of Green Mountain Farm Direct since the program launched in 2009. The mission of Berry Creek is closely aligned with that of GMFTS. Berry Creek Farm is dedicated to pursuing sustainable organic agricultural enterprises linking local food to the community. In this endeavor, Berry Creek Farm will provide agricultural educational opportunities, a living for the farmers, and ensure the viability of the farming operation for the next generation.

The farm has seen a number of different owners over the years. Since 1971 it has been in the care of Rosemary’s family when her mother purchased the property. Rosemary says, “My mother kind of ran the place as a B&B and guest lodge for skiers for a while. Then she had sheep here for many years.” Rosemary and Gerard moved to the farm in 1992, after living in France for a number of years. Their first crop of berries were harvested that year, and they became the first certified organic strawberry and vegetable farm in Orleans County. Rosemary and Gerard officially bought the farm from Rosemary’s mother in 1997. In 2006, they entrusted the land to the Vermont Land Trust, which enabled them to invest in infrastructure to expand their enterprise.

Rosemary and Gerard have witnessed the area change over the past few decades. “When we first started it was all about “Where are the cows? What are you doing?” And we would have to say why organic fruit and vegetable farming was important. So education was kind of key in the beginning and then we rode the local organic movement so that was good. I just love seeing the kids’ faces on field trips to the farm where we teach them about what we are growing and the value of growing organic. I knew things were changing after a few years when a field trip of kids from Jay/Westfield came by and they were like “Oh! Look at the kale! Look at the chard!” and I thought, oh five years ago when we began, nobody knew what kale and chard was. And I was like, yep, it’s working.”

Reflecting on what she enjoys most about her work, Rosemary says: “I think talking plants and food with people, and just being in the greenhouse with plants is probably my favorite. Opening the greenhouse in the morning is one of my favorite moments. It’s quiet; it smells sweet. And I just get excited about every harvest vegetable. Like the first time cucumbers come in I’m head over heels about cucumbers again, or like cherry tomatoes, I’m in a love affair with cherry tomatoes!”

The partnership with Farm Direct has benefited the farm’s business with sales over the years. “I think what is really helpful is that if we have a lot of something, we can just put it right on sale and a lot of people see it and a convenient way to order, and it gets there. It’s not like a separate delivery account for us, it’s just…boom. It connects a lot of different producers to a larger group of people. It’s just how it should be because agriculture in VT is by nature of its geography small, so nobody can do everything,” says Rosemary.

“I feel like with the dairy crisis and the profit margin for farms, I am fearful that Vermont’s landscape is going to change drastically. It already has and I just encourage people to support whatever farming in their area that they can. We just love local food! Enjoy what comes your way.”

Stop by their farm stand at 1342 VT Route 100 in Westfield to pick up some delicious veggies! Right now the cherry tomatoes and the salad mix is coming in, and there are a lot of cucumbers ready to be scooped up. Strawberries are in season and you can pick your own or buy a container already harvested! If you want to pick your own berries, call ahead to be sure the farm is picking the day you’d like to come. 802-744-2406-land line. Cash payment is preferred, but cards are accepted. Visit their website to learn more.

Berry Creek products are available at the following locations via Farm Direct:

Plainfield Co-op
Morrisville Food Co-op