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Berry Creek Farm: An Organic Family Affair

A lot has changed since Rosemary and Gerard Croizet first took over Berry Creek Farm from Rosemary’s mother in the 1990’s.  Located in Northeast Kingdom, Berry Creek Farm is now a certified organic farm growing a variety of vegetables and other plants. Initially, a lot of their time was spent on educating customers on what they were doing and after 23 years, they are now beginning to reap the benefits of that work.

“People would look at us as a farm and say, ‘Where are the cows?’” says Rosemary, “But I don’t have to do much of that educating anymore, people are seeking us out as vegetable producers.”

Berry Creek Farm, located in Westfield, Vt., became the first certified organic strawberry and vegetable farm in Orleans County in 1993. For the Croizet’s, organic food is not only part of a healthy lifestyle but also serves as one of the best educational tools available.

“Organic food builds health. If you’re raising your children in a healthy way you’re creating a healthy individual in the long run,” says Rosemary, “You’re also educating a savvy consumer. They know what to look for and what to watch out for and, also, how your decisions impact the health of your community and the land you live on.”

The task of farming also serves as a teaching tool for Rosemary and Gerard who have made Berry Creek Farm into a family endeavor, soliciting the involvement of their two sons in day-to-day activities.

“If you don’t do your chore, it impacts everybody else, and when you do, you’re part of a really wonderful movement that the family really needs,” explains Rosemary while highlighting the valuable lessons that work on Berry Creek Farm has taught her two sons. Adding, “I think it’s really important to have a child take part in producing something that’s tangible and valuable.”

Berry Creek Farm offers a variety of in-season vegetables, herbs, flowers, bedding plants, vegetable starters, and strawberries along with a smattering of jams, honey, and candles. Their products can be found through their community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs or can be found at various retail locations – the Berry Creek Farm Stand on the farm, Newport Naturals and the Mountain View Farm Stand in Newport, Vt., and Jay Peak Resort.

They also partner with Green Mountain Farm Direct, a regional food hub operated by Green Mountain Farm-to-School, to source their products in schools and other institutions throughout Northern Vermont.

For more information on Berry Creek Farm visit their website at or drop by their farm and farm stand at 1342 VT Route 100, Westfield, Vt.

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