NEWPORT, VT – July 29, 2019

A cornerstone of Green Mountain Farm-to-School’s programming is the 19 school gardens we plant, maintain, and harvest with the help of five AmeriCorps Farm to School Coordinators. These school gardens provide rich learning opportunities for the students we work with, offering lessons in topics such as environmental chemistry, geometry, and nutrition. They are also an essential strategy in connecting students to Vermont’s working landscape and rich agricultural traditions.

Coordinators spend much of their time with students planting and caring for seedlings destined for school gardens, planning garden layouts, hauling compost and hay from generous community members, hosting All School Plantings in the spring, and then weeding, watering and harvesting gardens all summer long. The result of this hard work is clear – 19 Northeast Kingdom schools have beautiful school gardens their students feel connected to and the community benefits from.

To celebrate the hard work of the Coordinators and students who make these gardens thrive, let’s take a look at some of our favorite school gardens: