Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Coupon Program

Frequently Asked Questions


If you’ve qualified for Green Mountain Farm-to-School’s Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Coupon Program, you may have some questions about how the program works.  We’ve compiled a list of FAQs below:

Where can I use my coupons?
When can I use my coupons?
How do I get coupons?
How do I use my coupons?
What can my coupons be redeemed for?
Do I have to use all of my coupons at one time?
Can I get change for my coupons?
Is there a limit to the number of coupons I can get?
What should I do with all of my fruits and vegetables?



If you have additional questions about the program, contact Jeyna Diallo, Outreach Coordinator at or at (802) 334-2044.