Delivering food from local farms to our communities

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Green Mountain Farm Direct (GMFD) is a regional mission-driven food hub that has partnered with more than 100 local producers since its inception. GMFD operates as an aggregation and distribution service to provide affordable, bulk local food to schools and institutions including senior meals sites, prisons, hospitals, colleges, retail stores, and restaurants. As a result, more Vermonters have reliable access to local food and farmers have increased sales and access to new markets.

Through one-stop, easy ordering and coordinated delivery, purchases through GMFD strengthen our local economy, provide Vermonters with healthy, fresh food, and build lasting relationships in our communities.

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How it works:

  1. Publish Product List
    GMFD distributes a weekly Local Food Product List, featuring products from multiple farms, to schools and other institutions. View a Sample Product List
  2. Coordinate Orders
    GMFD takes orders from the institutions and submits them to the necessary farms.
  3. Deliver Product
    GMFD delivers the order to the institution. All products from multiple farms arrive in one delivery with one invoice.

Service Area:

GMFD serves schools, hospitals, prisons, retail stores, restaurants, and other institutions in northern Vermont.

For more information about Green Mountain Farm Direct, contact Becca Perrin at